Planning (Operational elements)

  • Can you arrange for the use of beads, sequins, ribbons, embroidery threads, lace, etc?
  • Generally, everything can be accommodated on site (Hong Kong, China, Korea). If something cannot be arranged on site or it is a special material, then it will be arranged in Japan (by us).
    In some cases, we may ask the customer to supply the material.
  • If the sample you created is different from what I had in mind, could you redo the sample?
  • Yes. We will confirm with you about the areas to be modified, explain the changes to the factory, and recreate the sample.
  • What is the lead time for sample creation?
  • It would depend on the design, but we require approximately 2–3 weeks.

Technology (Technical elements)

  • Have you had any accidents, such as the manufactured product not matching the order?
  • The possibility of this occurring is quite low, since items are manufactured based on the final sample that was confirmed. However, there may be differences found in details.
    In such a case, we will immediately report the situation to the customer, and we will do our utmost by providing ways to improve the situation.
  • Which country’s materials (thread, fabric) can be arranged for use?
  • ■Knitwear
    Local threads from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as most of the notable threads from Italy, Japan, etc. can be arranged.
    ■Cut and sew garments
    Mostly fabrics from Japan and Korea, but if you have a certain volume of lots, we can also arrange for Chinese fabrics.
  • What is your lead time for production?
  • ■Knitwear
    This would depend greatly on the materials available and the design. If the design is highly productive and the materials are ready, we can deliver in 60 days after receiving the order.
    ■Cut and sew garments
    Approximately 2–4 weeks from order to delivery if manufactured in Japan, and approximately 40–50 days if manufactured in China, provided that the fabric is ready.
  • What is your minimum for production?
  • ■Knitwear
    We cannot say for certain, as this depends on the material and the design, however, we do receive orders from 50 items per model (with additional charges.)
    However, considering the cost and the productivity, we feel that 150–200 items per model are the adequate volume for a smooth production.
    ■Cut and sew garments
    Orders are acceptable as long as you use up 1 roll, however, the average would be 150 items per model for a smooth production.
  • In which country, do you do most of the manufacturing?
  • Knitwear is mostly manufactured in China. Cut and sew garments are manufactured in Japan, Korea, and China.