The process of a project proposal OEM (from presentation to delivery)

Project presentation

We provide original presentations using planning boards, swatches, flat sketches, etc., according to the image of the brand/shop.We also present fabric proposals.

Request first sample

Once the image is ready, we will create the specifications after obtain information on the standard size. Of course, you can prepare the specifications as well.

First sample is ready

Make sample changes

Changes will be made to the smallest detail (design, size, etc.)

Second sample is ready

Finalize design

inalize details (design, size, color, accessories) toward production.

Finalize color

We can also propose patterns such prints, Jacquard, etc. We will provide a presentation of the color patterns using CG (4D BOX).

Exhibit sample or mass production order

Check each color sample

Each color sample is checked to see that mass production is progressing as instructed.

Check mass production

All mass production items are checked by a third-party quality control center. Items will be checked for defects in size, variation in texture, blots, dropped stitch, sewing (linking) defects. If required, items will be repaired and re-ironed.


All item numbers are checked before packing and delivery. We also handle sorting and attaching price tags.